Landlord Information

At Jeena & Saacs Real Estate we help you manage your most important asset. Our mission is to provide the very best service in our industry. 


  • We offer Modern Marketing to ensure swift leasing of your property
  • Selecting the most appropriate tenants
  • Stringent leasing procedures
  • Tenant follow up and inspections
  • Client follow up to ensure you are up to date with the status of your property

Once we find a suitable tenant, we do the following reference checks before we approve an application:

  • Confirm employment, Contact their employer.
  • We will arrange copies of their pay slip to substantiate their income.
  • We will contact their previous employer to confirm for a character assessment.
  • Contact their previous/current managing agent to verify the sort of tenants.
  • I will also request copies of their routine inspections from their current property manager. (subject to the property manager agreeing)
  • Confirm if they have received their bond back.

Our Marketing consist of the following (No advertising cost to you)

  • Exposure on the following websites,,, Review,
  • Property photographed
  • Email alert sent out to all our potential tenants who are looking in the area.
  • We do Open inspections 2 times a week for your property and will arrange Private inspections as well if needed.

The management fees include the following services

  • Monitor, collect and account for Rent
  • Do the relevant checks for potential tenants including reference checks, contacting previous managing agents, speaking to current and past employers and reviewing supporting documentation for the potential applicant.
  • Lodge bond/bond claim form and transfer bond to Jeena & Saacs Real Estate with the RTBA at the beginning/end of the tenancy.
  • Carry out periodic visual property inspections and reports.
  • Arrange property maintenance/repairs.
  • Notify of breaches involving non payment of rent / any property damages.
  • Representation at VCAT hearings
  • Conduct rent reviews
  • Liaise with tenants to arrange prospective tenant inspections
  • Conduct Final inspections at the end of lease including the report.
  • Prepare monthly statements of rent collections and any outgoings paid.
  • Prepare end of financial year reports.